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Gary Hart's mistress Donna Rice, now a Trump

Why it’s so hard to stop images of child sex abuse

The police blanketed the 23-year-old woman and asked her questions to determine her state of mind.

  • While Hart contended that the reporters could have no knowledge of exactly when Rice arrived or why she was there, Rice declared the association had been innocent, and denied that she had slept at Hart's house, or that the relationship was sexual.

  • He also served on the Environment and Public Work Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Gary Hart

And you also have reporters who try to do a story about him that will entice their readership you do remember newspapers right? It tells a rather compelling story with a decent degree of nuance, using long-lenses to hammer home its seventies-styled direction.

  • Hart stayed the night and blithely walked out her front door the next morning.

  • They included Hart's wife Lee with whom he is still married; the daughter Andrea, who is hounded by the press to the point of exhaustiion; a dedicated female Hart staffer who was crushed by the experience; and Donna Rice, who prefigures by a decade the same abusive treatment to which the media subjected Monica Lewinsky.