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ANN MAGNUSON with Katherine Dieckmann

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WFMU: Primal Ice Cream with Solo Mon: Playlist from July 31, 2020

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Ann Magnuson Official Website

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Magnuson hot ann Ann Magnuson

Ann Magnuson to Debut a Short Film about Gram Parsons As Part of Masses Screening at the Downtown Independent Theater on Saturday

Magnuson hot ann Ann Magnuson

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Magnuson hot ann Ann Magnuson

Ann Magnuson, 93, of Fergus Falls

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Magnuson hot ann Ann Magnuson

WFMU: Cha Cha Heels with ARB and Solo Mon: Playlists and Archives

It's so crude in a way, but there's something great about how material that is.

  • There were definitely some trauma issues that were being worked out subconsciously at Club 57.

  • Magnuson: Last year I went to the Howl Gallery on First Street, between First and Second, and I thought I was lost.

Ann Magnuson Net Worth 2021: Money, Salary, Bio

Ann is the guest for episode 7 of the podcast, now available on Buzzsprout and most streaming services.

  • Photograph by and courtesy Lina Bertucci Rail: Yeah, I though about it a lot the night of the opening, because it was shocking how many people from the scene were still there, and present.

  • When she made her way back to normal by escaping through a Pac-man video game, it was impossible not to see Tammy Jan and her real-life counterparts as a product of all the layers of tawdry show-biz -- the fake tears and artificial sweetness, the deep surfaces and shallow hopes -- that television promotes.